Transporter Recruitment

Are you an employee with a social conscience?
Do you have a corporate social responsibility?
Or want to do something to help your community?

Then you could help those people (living in the Tees Valley) that are furthest away from the labour market and just need that ONE CHANCE of a job.

We are a Middlesbrough based company that works with recovering addicts and ex offenders delivering training and employing them. Born out of Katwalk Kimberleys CIC who works with these marginalised people, we realised that we were not a large enough company to offer employment to every ex offender willing to change their lives around therefore, we are reaching out to like minded companies that would be willing to support at least one of these disadvantaged people by offering a job and supporting them to live a more positive healthier lifestyle and positively contributing to the community.

We are a brand new pioneering recruitment agency in Middlesbrough that solely works to get ex-offenders into a job! We recognise that there is a real need in Middlesbrough to tidy up our communities and offer employment to those people who feel that they have lost their way and would love a second chance in life.

Having researched companies with a ‘Social Responsibility’ like yours we would love to have you on board to help make a difference in Middlesbrough and the rest of the Tees Valley and demonstrate to other employers that by giving and ex-offender a job we are making a massive difference to communities and to people’s lives.

Yours faithfully

Abigail Fields
Managing Director


  • Over 9 Million people in the UK have a criminal record so it’s a good possibility that companies are unknowingly employing ex-offenders.
  • Ministry of Justice statistics suggest that the re-offending rate is lower for offenders who enter into employment than for those that don’t (MOJ March 2013).
  • National Average cost of keeping a person in prison is £30,000 + p.a. This accounts for all prison categories.
  • Transporter Recruitment are a pioneering recruitment agency based in Middlesbrough that solely wants to help ex offenders into work.
  • We are looking for companies to support us and pledge at least one job.