Wish List

The reason I started this fashion charity is because I want to give jobs to people who are in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol misuse, as I feel that these people need to be given a chance of employment, and I really want to bring back the sewing industry to Middlesbrough.  I know this is my Gods calling and I will run this company with Christian values empowering changes on peoples lives making them feel valued.

I am bereaved by addiction so this cause is close to my heart as I have lost both my nephew (aged 21) in 2008 and then my sister Kimberley (aged 30) in 2010 to substance misuse.  As you can imagine, the pain and stress on my family has been unbearable.

I am a firm believer that you can turn a tragedy into a positive and my sister’s death has urged me to start this fashion label. Not only do I feel the need to keep her memory alive, I want to be able to give people in recovery employment as I feel that there are not many employers willing to give ex-addicts a chance.  I have always been of the opinion that when people come out of prison clean and sober, they have a strong willingness not to relapse, it is at this stage in their recovery that employment is the key, empowering them with the benefits that employment brings. The jobs that will be available are: Sewing Machinists, Printers, Packers, Distributers and Administration staff.

I have established the ‘Katwalk Kimberleys’ brand for females and have just launched the ‘Recover’ brand for males.

If you also believe in what we do then please support us with any of the following.

By supporting us you are helping to address a massive problem in our communities and by association we will be helping their immediate families and potentially keep crime rates down and employment figures up.At Katwalk Kimberleys we are always looking for extra support to help us achieve our goals so if you can help us in anyway please contact Abigail Fields on 07774077406 / abifields@gmail.com